Enid Dorward Retires from MGS’ Library Committee

ENID DORWARD, MGS #4502, MGS Library Committee Volunteer

It is the end of an era at MGS with the retirement of Enid Dorward.  For 17 years, Enid has been a steady presence in the MGS Library every Tuesday, and she had a regular presence in the quarterly MGS Generations journal with articles on the latest books to enter the MGS library and her updates of the latest periodicals that came in.    Since 2006, when Enid became a member, she has faithfully volunteered and supported the work of MGS.  This year marks her retirement from MGS.

These are some of the words used by current and past Tuesday volunteers when asked to describe Enid:

  • Someone who is a lovely, pleasant person who was always willing to be helpful at the Resource Centre.
  • Someone who wrote many Periodical Potpourri columns (Generations) for the rest of us to read and enjoy.
  • Someone who preferred to work quietly and efficiently in the background.
  • Someone who took a new volunteer under her wing and showed how paper periodicals were arranged and maintained, and how to spot important information to be kept after once-current issues were removed from display.
  • Someone who “taught” research and sources to others.
  • Someone who had a calming influence with the ability to handle questions and tasks.
  • Someone who compiled a book about her rural Manitoba school and made an excellent presentation to the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch about it.

    Enid Dorward, 2022

  • Someone who cared deeply about her family and helped them whenever she could.
  • Someone who often made a delicious cake to share with the Library Ladies and guests.
  • Someone who was fun to visit with.

Enid was a quiet steadfast influence at MGS and had a vast store of knowledge about the Society and the Resource Centre holdings.  THANK YOU Enid, for all your time and work helping MGS’ library as you did. We hope you are enjoying your retirement and you have a standing invitation to visit us at any time, especially on Tuesdays.

Thank you to Joyce Elias, MGS Volunteer for compiling this information for us.

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