MGS Volunteer Shaun Hobson updates us on the Cemetery Committee projects. We are auditing cemeteries again this summer. Join Us!

Cemetery Committee

The next committee meeting is scheduled for 15 March 2023 at 7:00 pm by GoogleMeet and we welcome new members.


Cemetery Transcribers

We are at the beginning of March and soon the snow will be gone and the cemeteries will be ready for transcribing. If you are interested in learning more about transcribing cemeteries or would like to join our team of Transcribers please email me at


Cemetery Audit

MGS volunteers have transcribed 1,463 cemeteries since the mid-1970s and this is the vast majority of cemeteries in Manitoba, but not all of them. The transcribed information may be found in 1,370 cemetery folders. In each folder there is an excel spreadsheet, a word document and a PDF file. We are doing a review of all these cemetery folders to update the documents and to determine which of these cemeteries need a re-read. In the last 1½ years we have reviewed 227 (17%) of the cemetery folders and have updated documents for 219 (16%) of them.

The required tasks are split into two parts:

  1. Updating the Database

Need to have access to the internet to use:

  • Manitoba Vital Statistics to look for records to support births and deaths;
  • FindaGrave or CanadaGenWeb Cemeteries Project to find memorials:
    • To edit our transcriptions using memorials with grave marker photos,
    • To add entries for memorials we have not yet captured in our readings; and
  • Look for obituaries online ( and subscriptions would be useful, but are not necessary) to look for date burials.
  1. Creating the Documents

 Need to be familiar with using Word to:

  • Create a document;
  • Merge the information from the spreadsheet;
  • Create an index; and
  • Create a PDF file.

Currently we have four volunteers working on this project. The cemetery audit can be down from the comfort of your home or at MGS and new volunteers are welcomed. Training will be provided. If you are interested in learning more about auditng cemeteries or would like to join our team of Auditors please email me at

Manitobans Remembered

These short biographies of notable individuals buried in Manitoba continue to be published in our social media platforms (Website, Facebook and Instagram) every Thursday. If you would like to submit a short bio of an individual buried in a Manitoba cemetery, please submit the bio, with the name of the individual and the cemetery they are buried in, to my attention at

The table below is a two-month summary of insights that each of the postings obtained in a one-week  and a four-week period on both FaceBook and Instagram.

If you have any questions or would like volunteer please send an email to my at attention at

by Shaun Hobson #5336
Cemetery Committee Chair

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