Generations Journal Poll Results

Generations Journal Poll Results


The journal has had no regular editor for 7 issues.  The VP Communications, whose portfolio includes the journal, became the interim editor in accordance with the VP Communications job description.  After 7 issues with no editor forthcoming, with the volunteer workload of VP Communications and journal editor, it was agreed at the Executive level that MGS needs to reassess its need for a quarterly journal.  So a survey was created and started Dec 1, 2022 and continued to Jan 15, 2023.  The poll has been promoted on Facebook, written about in the December Generations journal, and sent to our entire mailing list (members and non-members) through our monthly Supplement to Generations email. 

Although the poll asked for the email address of the person responding, the poll results does not link the person to the results.  There is a list of who responded to the poll.  The poll results are an aggregate and is not linked in any way to the person taking the poll, and therefore anonymous.

MGS Membership:  428 members; 36 responses

See the document for the poll results.

2023 Generations Journal Poll Results

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