MGS Constitutional Changes

The MGS Council has proposed changes to our MGS Constitution.

This is our governing structure for the society so please take the time to review these changes. The intent is not changed. Most changes are either grammatical or relating to our methods of communication delivery. Some changes are required to safeguard the fact that we have experienced some vacancies. The most substantial change for these revisions is to allow us to make necessary changes in a timelier manner by permitting the MGS Council to amend the MGS Constitution going forward subject to MGS members being advised at least 30 days before the date of the vote. Some of these had already been achieved in 2018 by moving organizational positions into a bylaws section, giving us the capability to amend/adjust as needed.

We feel these changes have been discussed at length over several years by the MGS Council. If for some reason you strongly disagree with any change we have proposed, please send a response to We will then discuss and if we agree will make an appropriate adjustment.

For full details of the Constitutional Changes, please see the December, 2022 issue of the Generations journal.

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