Vivid-Pix Restore Software – a new MGS Member Benefit

We all have collections of family photos. Some of them may be old and faded. The appearance of a faded photo is that of looking at an image through a fog.

There is a solution. It’s called Vivid-Pix Restore. Whether the photo is black and white or colour, this intelligent software will take the fog away, restore the photo and allow you to see clearly the original image and colours.

This software has been loaded to five of the computers available in the MGS Resource Library. An MGS member can use it for free. The fee for non-members is $10 per day.

Vivid-Pix Restore software is very easy to use allowing you to restore a faded photo in only 10 minutes. If you are a perfectionist though and you decide to tinker with the result by adjusting lightness, contrast, vividness, sharpness or colour tint, it might take 15 minutes. Easy instructions for use have been placed beside each of the five MGS computers. You don’t have to know anything about photography to use this software.

You can scan your faded photos at home using your own scanner set at a high resolution (preferably 600 dpi) then load the file on to your own USB flash drive and bring it. Or bring the actual old photos to our MGS Resource Library and use our scanner…but also bring your own USB flash drive, although you can purchase one from us for $10.

Bring your faded photos to the MGS Resource Library and give it a try. We guarantee your immediate reaction to what Vivid-Pix Restore software can do will be WOW!

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