Culture Days CBC Interview at MGS

MGS had a very successful Culture Days in 2022 as all time slots on each day were fully booked.  We had three Saturday events helping new genealogists get started and seasoned genealogists break down their brick walls.

On our second Saturday, CBC came to MGS to interview us.  Our thanks to Bob Allebone, President of the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch of MGS for speaking for our society.  You can see the article here:


The Manitoba Genealogy Society Helps People Discover their Family Histories

Anne Louise Michel
Posted on October 1, 2022

As part of Culture Days, the Manitoba Genealogical Society organizes events for Manitobans to learn about their family history in the province and beyond.

According to the organizers, while genealogy is often a hobby for adults, knowing one’s history is essential for an individual’s own balance.

The organization invites parents and grandparents to bring a child to complete a family tree with them during one of the free events.

The goal is to help them make a family tree by family group, to help them do research with our volunteers and to give them access to our databases, specifies the press release of the event.

Manitoba Genealogy Society member Bob Allebone points out that it’s often at the time of death or birth that people want to know more about their family tree. It’s often the catalyst that makes someone look back on their past, he points out.

“You’re going to find things you forgot about yourself. »
— A quote from Bob Allebone, member of the Manitoba Genealogical Society

Behind us here are over 10,000 records related to genealogy and local history. It is therefore the first resource, he specifies.

But then we can continue to help individuals find information about their ancestors using online resources on the Internet: for example, census records or vital statistics for the province of Manitoba, says Bob Allebone

The organization’s last free event will be held on October 8. Bob Allebone says that through this kind of event, the non-profit organization hopes to attract the younger generation.

It is advisable to come with as much information as possible on births, marriages and date of death in your family to facilitate the work of volunteers.

With files from Trevor Lyons

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