Standing Committees – Call for Expressions of Interest

It’s that time of year again where we ask you to indicate your interest in volunteering by filling out your Expressions of Interest.  The Standing Committee Chairs are appointed, and your interest in the various committees will help MGS grow.  This a great way for members to become involved to a small or larger degree, depending upon your interest.

Standing Committee Descriptions

To understand these positions better, you can view our Brief Standing Committee Description document above. This talks about the PURPOSE of each committee and what its responsibilities are within the organizational structure of MGS.  If you have been thinking about getting involved, and aren’t sure, becoming part of a committee is a great way to  start. You will learn about what we do and how things work, and it may inspire you.  You will definitely learn more about genealogy.   Many tasks can be done from home if you have a computer, so don’t let mobility be an issue.

The MGS Standing Committee Chairs attend 4 meetings a year (quarterly) and are part of the governing council of MGS.

Nomination and Expression of Interest Form

Please Note: You can also email and tell us what you are interested in (without a form). This includes all positions—both nominated and appointed.

We also need our members to nominate an MGS Volunteer for our MGS Volunteer Awards.

Learn about the MGS Volunteer Awards

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