The Farmers of Manitoba – Collecting Stories project aims at gathering stories of the past, present and even the future of farming in our province to contribute to the Farmers of Manitoba exhibit at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum.

Farming holds a special place in Manitoba’s identity and heritage and the Manitoba Agricultural Museum is committed to tell the stories of our province’s agricultural heritage. Who better than a farmer to tell these stories?

As Manitoba celebrates 150 years as a province, the Manitoba Agricultural Museum needs you to contribute your farming story, whether it is yours, one of your ancestor’s or even the future generation of farming, by showcasing yourself or someone you know and telling your/their story! Send us a portrait this farmer and their story.

The photos and stories will be added to the museum’s collections and be used to better tell the story of agriculture in Manitoba, potentially through online projects, programming and temporary or permanent exhibits. Our first project including these stories will be an exhibit produced at the summer of 2022. The Manitoba Agricultural Museum is excited of having our Manitoba farmers collaborate to this project and tell their stories of agriculture!

To do so, send us a portrait of the farmer you wish to present and fill out the Farmers of Manitoba – Collecting Stories Participation Form from this website. Participations can be sent online or in the mail or provided in person at the museum office.


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