United Empire Loyalist Plaque Dedication – Riverside Cemetery, Dauphin

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2 thoughts on “United Empire Loyalist Plaque Dedication – Riverside Cemetery, Dauphin

  1. Hello to One and All:
    This is truly a wonderful Heritage Page. So enjoyed seeing my Great Grand Parents, Levi Winters and Sarah Hawn listed in Memory. The Project is much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the recognition of the descendants of U.E.L. My great grandfather Thomas Cartwright Secord, a pioneer in the Dauphin area and buried in the Riverside Cemetery was also a descendent of the following loyalists; James Secord, Stephen Secord, Symon DeForest, Mary DeForest, Sarah Kast McGinnis, John Carscallen, Edward Carscallen, Daniel Fraser and John Conklin.The lineage of these loyalists have been documented with the United Loyalists Association of Canada by myself as well as by other descendants of these loyalists. I encourage others who have U.E.L. ancestors to explore the fascinating histories of these pioneers of Canada. Deborah Hassard Leonard U. E.

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