“The World Remembers 1918”

 Winnipeg Millennium Library

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1, the Winnipeg Millennium Library is hosting “The World Remembers” in the Local History Room until Nov. 11. This organization electronically displays names of soldiers who died in WW1 both online and in host sites, like the Millennium Library.
The display of the names of those killed in 1918 (plus official war deaths from 1919- 22 from wounds or diseases they contracted in the war) commenced Sept. 12 and will conclude Nov. 11.  More than 1,003,000 names of soldiers who lost their lives from Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, United States and several other countries will appear.
The displays will run for 11.5 hours each day. Each name will be programmed to appear at a precise day, hour and minute. To find a specific name use the “Search The Names” function on the site – https://www.theworldremembers.org/search-the-names 

To learn more about WW1, check out the accompanying book display in the Local History Room of the Library.

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