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St. David is the patron saint of Wales, and people of Welsh ancestry celebrate their ancestral country and culture on his day, March 1st.  The MGS Library has a number of books relating to Welsh ancestry and the Welsh in Canada:

  • “In Search of the Red Dragon: the Welsh in Canada” by Carol Bennett (1985).
  • “Strangers from a Secret Land : the Voyages of the Brig Albion and the Founding of the First Welsh Settlements in Canada” by Peter Thomas (1986).

For some interesting reading on the early years of Icelandic settlement in Manitoba, look at the following books from the MGS Library:

  • “Nyja Island: Saga of the journey to New Iceland” by Gudjon Arngrimsson (2000).
  • “The new Icelanders: a North American community” edited by David Arnason & Vincent Arnason (1994).

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