Winnipeg Public Libraries Presentations

Writing Your Family History

Saturday, April 1: 2-4 pm.
Elizabeth Briggs covers planning for writing your family history book, what resources and documents to use, the kind of content that should be included, and how to make questionnaires and interview your relatives to gather the best information.
Westwood Library. 66 Allard Ave. Phone 204-986-4744 to register. Free admission.

 British Genealogy

Monday, April 3: 6-8 pm.
Learn about the resources and organizations available to trace your ancestry back to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Genealogist Elizabeth Briggs will cover print as well as internet resources. Charleswood Library. 6-4910 Roblin Blvd. Phone 204-986-3069 to register. Free admission.

 DNA and Genealogy

Saturday, April 8: 2-4 pm
Can DNA testing help solve a family mystery, and if so, how? Bill Curtis of the Manitoba Genealogical Society covers the basics of DNA testing and genealogy. e session will explain what kinds of DNA tests are available, and what they can and cannot tell you. He will cover topics such as finding living relatives today and how far back you might be able to trace your family. Louis Riel Library. 1168 Dakota St. Phone 204-986-4568 to register. Free admission.

 Beginning Genealogy

Part 1: Saturday, April 22: 1-3 pm Part 2: Saturday, April 29: 1-3 pm
Bill Curtis introduces the basics of genealogical research. In Part 1, you will be a family history detective and find clues in a case study. Using these clues, you will learn how to overcome roadblocks to reach your goals. In Part 2, you will learn where to find personal information about individual ancestors both on and off the Internet.
River Heights Library. 1520 Corydon Ave. Phone 204-986-4934 to register. Free admission.



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