Southeast and Winnipeg Branch


The original Winnipeg branch of the Manitoba Genealogical Society Inc. was formed in 1979 under the by-laws of the Society to provide opportunities for persons interested in family history in the South eastern area of Manitoba to share experiences, assist one another and expand their research skills. At the Branch Meeting of 18 April 2005, a motion was adopted to formally change the name of the Branch to “The Southeast and Winnipeg Branch of the Manitoba Genealogical Society”. The purpose of this change is to more accurately reflect the interests and location of Branch members. The objectives of the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch are to work locally for the Society’s objectives, namely:

  • collection and preservation of genealogical and historical records and materials;
  • fostering education in genealogical research through workshops and seminars; and
  • encouraging production of genealogical publications relating especially to Manitoba.

Contact Us

You can contact the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch by emailing or by phoning the Resource Centre at 204-783-9139 and leaving a message for Southeast and Winnipeg Branch. Please be patient. We will get back to you, but it may take a few days.

For research requests or inquiries, please contact the MGS Research department at  More details are available at

Annual General Meeting 2020

The Southeast and Winnipeg Branch AGM was held September 14, 2020 at 7:00 PM with some members attending at the Resource Centre and others remotely.  Notice was given of two by-law changes.  One was to allow the current executive to remain in office until the AGM in the event that it has to be postponed.  The other was to change the Branch fiscal year to coincide with the MGS fiscal year.  A motion to accept these amendments will be made at the next regular meeting of the Branch on October 19 at 7:00 PM.  Details were circulated to members through a link in the September e-Zine.

Nominations were called for and the following officers were elected by acclamation. They will hold office until the next AGM scheduled for May 2021.

  • President: Kelly Southworth
  • 1st Vice-President: Sheila Woods
  • 2nd Vice-President: Maureen Corkal
  • Secretary: Kathleen Kristjansson
  • Treasurer: Gloria McNabb
  • Past President: Virginia Braid
  • Councillor: Bob Allebone

Two councillor positions are still vacant.  Because of COVID restrictions, there was no speaker following the meeting.

Branch Executive Meetings

The Southeast and Winnipeg Branch Executive usually meets on the last Monday of August and the first Monday of each month from October to June at the MGS Resource Centre. Times are announced each month. All members are welcome to attend executive meetings.

Branch Membership

Membership in the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch is open to all members of the MGS requiring only payment of a small additional fee of $15.00 per year (as of October 1, 2019). Members receive the Branch Newsletter (e-Zine) and may participate in Branch workshops, meetings and field expeditions.

Non-members wishing to attend Branch functions are welcome to do so on a space available basis; a nominal fee will be charged.

To join the Branch, complete the application and mail with your payment to the address at the top of the form, or bring it in to the MGS Resource Centre.  You can also join through MANI.

General Membership Meetings and Branch Programs

Membership meetings and Branch programs usually take place on the second Monday evening of the month from September through June at the MGS Library and Resource Centre. A brief business meeting is followed by a formal presentation on a subject of interest to the membership. All presentations will be at the MGS Resource Centre, Unit E -1045 St. James Street (the Brick Plaza) unless otherwise noted. Program details are announced through the Branch newsletter, email and in the Branch Activities Brochure. We welcome ideas for topics and speakers.

It’s subject to change, so check for updates.  More programs are likely to be added.

Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

SIGs are Special Interest Groups that meet on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm at the MGS Library and Resource Centre, Unit E – 1045 St. James Street, Winnipeg, MB. They are formed according to members’ interests and continue as long as people are still interested. It is not necessary to “join” a SIG – all members are welcome. If you have ideas for a new SIG, please let us know. In 2019-2020 the Branch is running two SIGs.

12 Heads Are Better Than One

The 12 Heads SIG is intended to allow members to help one another with their research. A facilitator spends 15-20 minutes introducing the evening’s topic. Then everyone present has an opportunity to speak, sharing experiences or asking questions.

Computer SIG

The Computer SIG deals with the application of computer technology to genealogy.

Staffing the MGS Resource Centre

The Southeast & Winnipeg Branch opens and staffs the MGS Library and Resource Centre on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm between Labour Day and the Christmas break, and from mid-March to the end of June.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Branch has expanded its activities in order to provide better service to its members. In order to continue to grow we need your help too. There are a number of volunteer positions that we need to fill in order to spread the workload. Please consider volunteering for one of the opportunities below. Further information is available by contacting the Branch.

MGS Resource Centre – Wednesday evenings

Volunteer to help keep the MGS Resource Centre open. You will be paired with another volunteer and your commitment is for one Wednesday evening a month. Spares are also needed to fill in when a regular volunteer is away. Volunteering is a great way to learn more about the resources at the centre. Interested parties can Contact Us (see above).


The e-Zine is published once a month from September to June. Several volunteers are needed on either an occasional or ongoing basis.

We include notes from presentations in the e-Zine, as some members who cannot attend meetings on Monday nights would like more information on them. If you take notes and are willing to share them with fellow members, we know it would be greatly appreciated. Please Contact Us (see above) if you are willing to help out. If you have news items of interest to Branch members, please send them in too. We also need an associate editor to help with composing and sending out the e-Zine.

Run for an Executive position or serve on a Committee

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Branch and help in planning future educational programs and other activities.

Click here for more information on executive positions and committees.

Updated September 21, 2020