MGS Institutional Membership Plans

A MGS Institutional Membership is for libraries, societies and other similar organizations.  Institutional memberships get one login email and 2 designated individuals who have member privileges at our MGS Resource Library.


MGS Institutional


Institutional +1 Branch

Institutional and one branch


Institutional +2 Branches

Institutional and two branches


Institutional +3 Branches

Associate and all 3 branches



Article 11 of the MGS Constitution & Bylaws describes The Branches of the Society.  In part, it reads:

11.4 In order to be recognized as a member of a Branch, a person must first be a member of the Society and
actively support the objectives and programs of the Society.

MGS has three branches:

  1. Dauphin Branch (local events and branch library in Dauphin)
  2. Southeast & Winnipeg Branch (regular bi-monthly presentations, and newsletter)
  3. South West Branch (monthly presentations, newsletter and branch library in Brandon)

Branch events are subject to change, and are scheduled in advance, and communicated to their members.

If you prefer the paper method for membership application, you can access the form here:  Fillable Membership Form

If you have any questions or concerns, please email