MGS Institutional Member

These are libraries, societies and other similar organizations. Institutional membership entitles the subscriber to receive the Society’s Journal during their active membership year. The Institution may also designate one or two representatives to make use of the MGS Library/Resource Centre.

  • Members have online access to the MGS searchable database – MANI (MAnitoba Name Index).
  • Members have online access to the KOHA database – search for indexed material available within the MGS Resource Centre. Borrow books, CDs etcetera.
  • Members have unlimited access to the MGS Resource Centre during open hours where you can access all of the resource material, and use the computer workstations to access, and the cemetery index.
  • Members receive the MGS Journal – Generations 
  • Attend seminars, workshops, and, when available, planned excursions (e.g. Salt Lake City).
  • Receive assistance with research: a) casual help and b) paid – reduced fees for members.
  • Participate in sharing knowledge and expertise – both yours and other members.
  • Members may join up to three regional branches; each branch offers specialized knowledge and programs for their regional communities within Manitoba.
  • Members meet new friends who share similar interests and maybe family connections!
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our MGS website for the latest information!

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