Query and Classified Ad Form

Query and Classified Ads

For Query and Classified Ad submissions to the Generations Digital Journal.

A subject line and up to 3 lines of text are permitted. Use these standard Query Abbreviations to save space and help ensure a concise, readable query. abt about, aft after, aka also known as, anc ancestor/ancestry, arr arrived, b born, bap baptized, bef before, bd birth date, bpl birth place, bro brother(s), bur buried, ca circa, cem cemetery, cen census, ch child(ren), Co County, d died, dau daughter, dd death date, desc descendant(s), d/o daughter of, dpl death place, em emigrated, esp especially, exch exchange, f father, fam family, fr from, g grand, gg great grand, h husband, imm immigrated, incl includes, liv lived, m married, m1 married first, md marriage date, mo mother, mov moved, mpl marriage place, par parent(s), poss possibly, prob probably, prov province, r resided, re: regarding, rel relationship, RM Rural Municipality Rev Revolutionary War, s son, sib sibling(s), s/o son of, terr territory vic vicinity, w wife, wid widow