Renew Expired Membership

Renew Expired Membership

If you used to have a MGS membership, you are already in our database.

To renew a lapsed membership, you just need to login to your old account.  From the Member Login dropdown in the menu bar, click on My Account and choose the Membership tab.  Click Subscribe and follow the prompts.

If you don’t remember the password, click on Forgot Password to reset your password.  Go here to renew. 

See the full product description (below) to refresh your memory about our membership options and prices.

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The Manitoba Genealogical Society is based in Winnipeg, and also has three branches located in Brandon (South West Branch of MGS), Dauphin (Dauphin Branch of MGS) and Winnipeg (Winnipeg & Southeast Branch of MGS).

MGS Membership $60
You must be a member of MGS to enjoy the privileges and benefits of membership.  Non-members pay a $10 day use fee to use the MGS Resource Centre to access all the MGS holdings both physical and digital.

MGS Associate Membership  $25
A MGS Associate Member is available to anyone who lives at the same address as a MGS member.

Student Membership $15
Anyone under the age of 23 years who holds a valid student ID qualifies for the Student Membership price.

Institutional Membership $100
Any institution, society, foundation, or small business owner/operators are accepted under the Institutional Membership banner.

Membership Discounts  (-$5)
MGS has reciprocal membership discounts with the following genealogical societies:  ON, SK, AB, or BC Genealogical Society.  Please email with your name, address, name of society and current society member number, and we will send you a discount code once we verify your membership.  You can then use the discount code to receive your MGS member discount.

MGS branch memberships are in addition to a MGS membership.  For a nominal fee, you will be able to partake in all branch activities which include ongoing genealogical education sessions for no additional cost.  You must be a MGS member to become a branch member.  

Dauphin Branch of MGS (based in Dauphin) $10
The Dauphin branch is a small but active branch which meets regularly.  Membership to the Dauphin branch requires a MGS membership.

Southeast & Winnipeg (MGS) (based in Winnipeg)  $15
The Southeast & Winnipeg branch has an ongoing schedule of genealogical education sessions which are presented via ZOOM to all their members.  Membership to the Southeast & Winnipeg branch requires a MGS membership.

South West Branch (MGS) (based in Brandon)  $15
The South West Branch meets monthly and has a regular series of speakers covering both the south west region of Manitoba as well as general genealogical information which is presented via ZOOM to all their members.  Membership to the South West Branch (MGS) requires a MGS membership.

Associate of South West (with a South West member)  $10
Similar to the MGS Associate Membership, the South West Branch also has a discounted membership rate for anyone who lives at the same address as a South West member.  Associate membership to the South West Branch (MGS) requires a MGS Associate membership.