Biographical Resources at the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Vol. 2


Biographical Resources at the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Vol. 2

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The Hudson’s Bay Company kept biographies of all their workers as well as those who had regular dealings with the HBC.  This volume includes the fur traders, but expands to settlers, sailors, store clerks and more.

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Book Description

Elizabeth Briggs and Anne Morton have written a new guide to this major international and genealogical resource. Volume One focuses on the fur trade. Volume Two has a wider range, which includes settlers, sailors, store clerks – and more on the fur trade! The two hundred and ten page book contains eighty illustrations taken from documents at the Archives. Topics discussed in this book include:

  • The Red River Settlers;
  • Settlers who went to the Pacific Northwest;
  • Miners who emigrated from Staffordshire to Nanaimo;
  • Labourers who emigrated from Dorset to the west coast;
  • Private records and undelivered letters to employees;
  • Records of the London Office Staff;
  • Records of Canadian Office Staff;
  • Records relating to employees working in stores;
  • Records of employees in Land Departments and Wholesale Departments
  • Personnel files;
  • Mackenzie River Transport System and employee records;
  • Workers involved in Ships and Shipping;
  • Ships’ Log Books, employee reports, illness and death at sea;
  • ‘French Government Records’ [First World War shipping business];
  • Fur Buyers, Fur Brokers and Fur Traders;
  • Shares and Shareholders, Transfer of Shares; Powers of Attorney; Estate Records;
  • Employees who served in the First and Second World Wars;
  • Employees who qualified for long service medals;
  • Staff newsletters;
  • Index to fifteen hundred names of people connected with the Red River Settlement extracted from Archer Martin and George Bryce; 1827 Red River Census Index, others…
  • Glossary, Index & Bibliography

About the Author(s)

Elizabeth Briggs and Anne Morton


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