We all benefit…  Volunteering is an enriching experience in many ways. As a team member you have the opportunity to:

  • Gain experience in a casual working environment
  • Apply your current skills and quite possibly learn new ones
  • Support a registered charity in making their funds stretch farther
  • Meet new people, make new friends and develop your contacts
  • Build self confidence and feel valued
  • Feel the satisfaction in helping others and making a difference in the heritage community

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~ Elizabeth Andrew

Volunteer Opportunities

Provide Public, Office and Peer Support

  • through our Administration Department
    • Patron Assistance at the Library / Resource Centre
    • Library and Data Entry tasks
    • Special Projects such as transcribing and indexing cemeteries
    • Membership Services – processing memberships
    • Research for other people

Provide Fundraising Support

  • through our Finance Department
    • Grants – investigate funding opportunities through grants
    • Fundraising – initiate and coordinate fundraising initiatives
    • Accounting support

Provide Office and Research Support

  • through our Information Technology Department
    • Maintain and update computers

Provide Communications and Promotions

  • through our Communications Department
    • Journal – become part of an editorial team for our journal, prepare articles, solicit advertisers
    • Outreach – opportunities to be a public speaker giving presentations on various topics related to genealogical research, assist at displays
    • Assist with upkeeping web-site and Facebook page

Provide Leadership Skills

  • by committing yourself to serve in an Executive capacity or committee.

Volunteer Categories

As a registered charitable organization, the Manitoba Genealogical Society Inc. values the individuals who have chosen to volunteer by giving of their time and talent in many ways.

We realize that many volunteers’ duties will have overlapping requirements, but for simplicity of definition, we have divided our Volunteers into four categories.

  • Executive/Council Volunteers – Volunteers who strive to reach the mission statement of the organization. They have specific duties and responsibilities as outlined in our Constitution.
  • Society and Branch Volunteers – Volunteers who work with patrons coming into the MGS Library/Resource Centre or Branch Library. They also give their time to specific committees such as Journal, Special Projects and Research.
  • Activity and Resource Volunteers – Volunteers who work on projects or events. All departments of the organization have some ongoing projects that can either be a one-time only task or a regular task. Some annual committees include Open House, Seminar, or Heritage Events. Other regular committees include Education and Outreach, Branch Programming and Social Events. Financial Volunteers work on Grant Research and Application, Budgeting and Fundraising Events or Projects.
  • Virtual Volunteers – Volunteers who work off-site on various committees completing tasks and projects usually on a computer. These may include: Indexing, Membership Databases, Research, Publishing, Writing and Editing.

Are you Ready to Volunteer?

Please fill out the 2016-volunteer-application-form and either email the form to contact@mbgenealogy.com or mail to MGS, Unit E – 1045 St. James St., Winnipeg, MB, R3H 1B1. Your support is very much appreciated.

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. ~ Author Unknown

Call 204-783-9139 or email if you are have any questions about volunteering – don’t miss the opportunity!