Monthly Archives: October 2018

Southeast & Winnipeg Branch Presentations

Presentations are held at the MGS Library/Resource Centre, 1045 St. James St. at 7:00 pm. Free for SE/Winnipeg Branch members and $5 for non-members. Branch membership fee is $12 for MGS members.

Monday, October 15

“What Ancestor Would You Like to Meet for a Conversation?” by Susan Wellman
This is a “12 Heads” evening, where attendees share their stories. You are encouraged to share your choice(s) of ancestors you would like to meet and why you chose them.

Monday, October 29

Migration — Where Did They Come From, and Why?” by Kelly Southworth.
Kelly’s presentation is based on two seminars that she attended in 2017 at the “Who Do You Think You Are?” Conference in England.  She will also include some of her own research examples and invites you to bring your own examples of successfully tracing your migrant ancestors.  You may also bring your brick wall questions to discuss, but she makes no promises on solutions!

East European Genealogical Society Presentation

“Finding Google Genealogy Information” by Bill Curtis

Wed., October 17, 7:00 pm. Thomson Funeral Home, 669 Broadway Ave.
Once you have a basic understanding of the process of researching your familyhistory, you will want to know where to find more information. Some of thatinformation is “hidden” on the internet.Google is one of the best tools available to find it, but getting millions of “hits”during a search is not helpful. This session will show ways to “dig out” theinformation that applies to your own specific family.Google can also help you find libraries and archives that contain information not on the internet. The key to using Google successfully for genealogy, is understanding how it works.
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