Using Abbreviations

When it comes to genealogy queries, it is all about fitting in as much data into a small a space as possible.  That means using standard genealogy abbreviations.  The National Genealogical Society has designated these abbreviations for all queries.

These standard abbreviations are used in creating effective genealogical queries.

abt about
aft after
aka also known as
anc ancestor/ancestry
arr arrived
b born
bap baptized
bef before
bd birth date
bpl birth place
bro brother(s)
bur buried
ca circa
cem cemetery
cen census
ch child(ren)
Co County
d died
dau daughter
dd death date
desc descendant(s)
d/o daughter of
dpl death place
em emigrated
esp especially
exch exchange
f father
fam family
fr from
g grand
gg great grand
h husband
h1 husband 1
h2 husband 2
imm immigrated
incl includes
liv lived
m married
m1 married first
md marriage date
mo mother
mov moved
mpl marriage place
par parent(s)
poss possibly
prob probably
r resided
re: regarding
rel relationship
Rev Revolutionary War
s son
sib sibling(s)
s/o son of
vic vicinity
w wife
w1 wife1
w2 wife2
wid widow