Question or Person

Every query should either ask a specific question or be about a specific person.  What are you looking for?  If you seeking something specific, you would state that.   Usually queries are about one person, but it can be for a couple if the query is clear and makes sense.

Some publications allow a Subject line.  Some do not.

SAMPLE:  Seeking bpl/d/m of Walter Allan of Cooks County, Iowa.

SAMPLE:  Subj: Rosalia (Gromek, Tront) Stefaniuk of Brokenhead, MB, 1877-?

Researching Rosalia (nee Gromek), par Joannes Gromek, Maria Banas, b 26 Aug 1877, bpl Oppidum Narol, Podkarpackie, Poland.  M1 Joseph Tront (Trad, Traut, Trent) md 26 Jun 1894, mpl Narol, Podkarpackie, Poland.  Imm 1900 with h1, liv Winnipeg, MB. H1 d 1 Nov 1935, dpl Winnipeg, bur ?. M2 widow Alexander Leo Stefaniuk, md ?, mpl ?, liv Brokenhead, MB. D aft 1958, dpl ?, bur ?.  Contact:

SAMPLE:  Subj:  FIEBELKORN, Johann Ludwig of Friedensfeld, MB.

Seeking living desc in Michigan and Wisconsin.  Sib Adolf, Emilie Wottrich, Rudolph, Ernestine, Julius, Louisa Nerenberg, Christina Nerenberg.