Generations: A Look Inside Our New Journal

Generations is our society journal created exclusively for members. Because MGS is run exclusively by volunteers, we recently faced some difficulty with the journal due to Generations not having an editor. So, with a new editor, we’ve now had a chance to review it. So, with your feedback and some insight from previous journals, we’re happy to introduce our new quarterly members-only journal.

What to expect

The July journal gives members a first look at what future issues could look like. We plan to focus on ways to support your research and highlight moments in Manitoban and Canadian history. The quarterly frequency means that we have more time to develop each issue to provide members with useful and exclusive information.

What it looks like

We’ve worked to give the journal a little bit of character that’s in line with other genealogy journals you might find.

The cover of Generations, July 2024. Generations table of contents for July 2024.Excerpt from the July 2024 Generations journal.

Newsletters versus the journal

We will continue sending monthly emails to all subscribers. This will include some of the new articles on-site, upcoming events and updates from MGS. You can think of this like a newsletter, which is accessible by everyone interested in MGS.

Then, 4 times per year, members will also receive a journal email. This will notify you that a new journal issue is ready to read and will only be accessible by members. Roughly speaking, you can expect a new journal issue in January, April, July, and October.

If you are not a member at MGS, you won’t be able to access the journal. So, if you do want to be included, be sure to become a member.

2 Responses to Generations: A Look Inside Our New Journal

  • Murray Braun

    So is the journal available yet? Or is this just a preview? It isn’t clear what you are saying. The email I received said to click here to “see the new journal”. All I can see is a preview or “A Look inside”

    • Sheena Peckham

      Hi Murray, members will have received the journal this morning. If you have not received yours, please contact

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