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New Resource – Faces of World War I

David Archer has created a group Facebook page called “Operation Picture Me” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I. He is sharing a year-long research project using the Winnipeg Tribune Archives, highlighting the contribution of over 5,000 Winnipeggers/ Manitobans who went to war, including almost 1000 who failed to return home. A major portion of the clippings is about the men, women and sometimes the children of Winnipeg who helped in the war effort. He praises the dedication of the Tribune staff who chronicled the personal stories of Winnipeg at War.

Over 5000 clippings have been uploaded to Facebook, under the group name “Operation Picture Me”. The clippings have been put in albums corresponding to the month and year of publication (except 1914). To help find a family member, an index has been created. To access the group, click on the link You must first request to join the group. You will be sent an email when you have been added and then you can view the site.

Geographical features to be named after Fallen Soldiers

About 7,000 Manitobans died in the First World War, but the province only has names for 1,092 of them in its archives. The known casualties from the First World War will be commemorated with their names on land features. The province is asking families to check to see whether a relative from the First World War is missing from the list – see link above. If so, families should notify the Lands Branch of MB Conservation so it can reconstruct its list.

Publication available about war dead (WWII) already commemorated – “A Place of Honour”

Index of Manitoba Soldiers killed in WWI

The Archives of Manitoba has created an electronic index of some Manitoba soldiers killed in WWI. This index was generated from a series of cards created by the Government of Manitoba for the purpose of documenting Manitoba casualties. The original index was made during and after the war but was not a complete record. As a result, this electronic index is also not a complete list of Manitobans killed in WWI. Interested individuals can search the index for persons of interest, and if found, go to the digital record. The index is fully keyword searchable, making it easy to narrow down by community or other keywords, in addition to names.

Each of the 1092 cards contains information on an individual soldier, including name, rank, battalion, date of death, and may also include personal information such as community of residence and next of kin. Some have an obituary glued to them. To access the index, consult the following web-site: