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New Resource – Red River

This excellent website is devoted to descendants of early explorers, fur traders and settlers who first inhabited the great Northwest Territory or Rupert’s Land, and more particularly the region of the Red River of the North. Your host, Gary Still, was born in 1939 in Selkirk, MB, and raised in the adjoining community known as Mapleton or Old England.

“My hobby of genealogy began with me tracing my own ancestors, but soon grew to include many of my friends and neighbours. Over the period of almost half a century I gradually amassed a large database of information about the ancestry of virtually everyone I knew”.

The website has an Ancestor Index with a link (red underlined) to Family Pages featuring individual families (or topics) with links to other related families or topics wherever possible.

Eastern European Genealogical Society Presentation 

Parish Records 101: Galicia

by Lisa Haji Abassi. Wednesday, March 15, 7:00 pm. Thomson Funeral Home, 669 Broadway Ave. You know the name of your ancestral village… now what? Lisa will provide some basic information and tips on reading and understanding Greek and Roman Catholic parish records. She will discuss the importance of consulting a gazetteer before you begin your search for parish records. There will be various examples of vital records and Lisa will explain how to access microfilms and on-line digital records for your village. For more information check out website

University of Manitoba Archives Resource

The Prairie Immigration Experience

This website is a collection of nearly 15,000 digitized archival documents, including diaries, correspondence, photographs, and audio and video recordings from the holdings of the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections and the University of Saskatchewan Archives. These archival records detail the experiences of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants of varied nationalities and ethnicities who came to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta in search of a better way of life.
These digitized items have been organized according to their relevant nationality or ethnic group and archival fonds. When you click on the title of a particular fonds you will be presented with a description of the digitized material from that fonds and a link to the digitized items.

Winnipeg Public Libraries Presentations

Writing Your Family History

Saturday, April 1: 2-4 pm.
Elizabeth Briggs covers planning for writing your family history book, what resources and documents to use, the kind of content that should be included, and how to make questionnaires and interview your relatives to gather the best information.
Westwood Library. 66 Allard Ave. Phone 204-986-4744 to register. Free admission.

 British Genealogy

Monday, April 3: 6-8 pm.
Learn about the resources and organizations available to trace your ancestry back to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Genealogist Elizabeth Briggs will cover print as well as internet resources. Charleswood Library. 6-4910 Roblin Blvd. Phone 204-986-3069 to register. Free admission.

 DNA and Genealogy

Saturday, April 8: 2-4 pm
Can DNA testing help solve a family mystery, and if so, how? Bill Curtis of the Manitoba Genealogical Society covers the basics of DNA testing and genealogy. e session will explain what kinds of DNA tests are available, and what they can and cannot tell you. He will cover topics such as finding living relatives today and how far back you might be able to trace your family. Louis Riel Library. 1168 Dakota St. Phone 204-986-4568 to register. Free admission.

 Beginning Genealogy

Part 1: Saturday, April 22: 1-3 pm Part 2: Saturday, April 29: 1-3 pm
Bill Curtis introduces the basics of genealogical research. In Part 1, you will be a family history detective and find clues in a case study. Using these clues, you will learn how to overcome roadblocks to reach your goals. In Part 2, you will learn where to find personal information about individual ancestors both on and off the Internet.
River Heights Library. 1520 Corydon Ave. Phone 204-986-4934 to register. Free admission.



Eastern European Genealogical Society Presentation

“The L’viv Archive (Ukraine) Experience: A First-hand Account”by Brian Lenius. Wed., February 15, 7:00 pm. Thomson Funeral Home, 669 Broadway Ave.
The Central State Historical Archive in L’viv, Ukraine is one of the most important archives for Galicia (Poland and Ukraine). It is also one of the oldest and largest archives in Europe, having been transformed from the Bernardine Monastery to a state archive by the Austrian Emperor in 1784. It houses over 1 million files stored on 13 kilometres of shelving. For more information check out website

Winnipeg Public Library Presentations

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Western Canada at War

Saturday, January 28: 1-2:30 pm

Two presentations will be made by the Manitoba Historical Society on the impacts of the First World War on Manitobans:
Franco-Manitobans and the First World War: Claude de Moissan will examine the impact of the First World War on the Franco-Manitoban community. Discover how Franco-Manitobans reacted to the political and social changes brought upon them during the war, and what role they chose to play on the home front.
Doing their part in splendid style!” First Nations, Metis and Inuit Service in the First World War: Karine Duhamel will speak on examples of service by Indigenous peoples, as well as some of the stereotypes faced in the service. They will look at the extent to which military service was seen as a way to so-called ‘civilize’ people, and what it meant, in very practical terms, for Indigenous peoples and treaty rights.
Bibliotheque de Saint-Boniface. 100-131 Provencher Blvd. Phone 204-986-4330 to register. Free admission.

Manitoba’s Abandoned Past

Monday, January 30: 7-8 pm.

Osborne Library, 625 Osborne St., Phone 204-986-4775 to register. Free admission.

Saturday, February 11: 1-2 pm.

Millennium Library, Carol Shields Auditorium, 251 Donald St. Phone 204-986-6450 to register.
Author Gordon Goldsborough will present on a six-year project by the Manitoba Historical Society to map the locations of over 6,000 historic, and mostly abandoned, sites around the province. This work resulted in the new book Abandoned Manitoba: From Residential Schools to Bank Vaults to Grain Elevators. Gordon Goldsborough is the Head Researcher, Webmaster, and a Past President of the Manitoba Historical Society, and Production Coordinator & Pageant Editor of Manitoba History magazine.

Internet Genealogy

Tuesday, Feb. 21: 6-8 pm: Great Britain & Ireland. Tuesday, Feb. 28: 6-8 pm: Canada & United States

Genealogist Elizabeth Briggs will demonstrate basic websites covering census information, vital statistics and directories. She will also present information on free software available to genealogists as well as resources specific to national and ethnic groups. This workshop uses computers and the internet. Basic computer skills are required. Register for one or both sessions.
Fort Garry Library, 1360 Pembina Highway, Phone 204-986-4918 to register. Free admission.

Winnipeg Public Library’s Local History and Genealogy Resources Information Guide

The Winnipeg Public Library has just launched a great new online Resources Information Guide for genealogy and local history. It is an excellent source for both beginning and experienced genealogists. Tell all your friends about it. It contains:

  • Lists of genealogical databases and organizations that can help in your family research, along with recommended guides explaining various aspects of genealogical research.
  • Lists of recommended books on Manitoba local history and genealogical topics.
  • Information about the Millennium Library’s Local History Room and its collection.

Link –