Dauphin Branch

Dauphin Branch Executive 2018

  • President                                               Virginia Fox
  • Past President/MGS Liaison          Don White
  • Vice President-Heritage                  Roger Hill
  • Treasurer                                               Norine Mason
  • Secretary/Advertising                      Shirle McGimpsey
  • Memb. Secretary/Head Phoner   Marilyn Strang
  • Photographer                                      Grant Rayson
  • Obituary Scrapbook/Card File     Darlene Rayson
  • Obituary Index cards                       Tammy Zurba
  • Phoners                           Lee Miedl, Gloria Baxter, Wanda Korman

Contact Us

E-mail: dauphin@mbgenealogy.com

About Us

Meetings: Last Thursday of each month (Sept. – May)  at the Dauphin Family History Centre, 403 Whitmore Ave. W., Dauphin, MB.

The Dauphin Family History Center

Located in a church building in the city of Dauphin, MB.  It serves a large area around Dauphin, including Roblin, Swan River, Ste Rose du Lac, Riding Mountain and many smaller communities in the area. Open: Thursdays 1 – 8 pm. Phone 1-204-638-8103. Email: justamer@xplornet.ca

Upcoming Event

The Dauphin Branch  Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 24th at the Family History Centre, 403 Whitmore Ave. W., Dauphin, MB at 7:00 pm. The agenda includes presentation of committee reports, election of officers  and discussion of activities for the upcoming year.


United Empire Loyalist Plaque Dedication – Riverside Cemetery, Dauphin

On Saturday, September 8, 2018 a Plaque Dedication Ceremony was held at the Riverside Cemetery in Dauphin. It honoured three families from the Dauphin area known to be descended from United Empire Loyalists – McPhee, Scrase and Strang. Riverside is the first cemetery in Manitoba to have one of the plaques installed, donated by the local history group in memory of Margaret Scrase. The title “United Empire Loyalist” is given to American Loyalists who resettled in British North America during or after the American Revolution. They left behind homes, businesses, developed farms and most of their possessions accumulated during their time in the 13 colonies, to start over as Canada’s first refugees. The Assiniboine Branch of the UELAC is planning more plaque dedications in the coming months.(Information courtesy of the Dauphin Herald newspaper).
For more information, see the following websites:

A Piece of Manitoba History about to be Restored

One of the oldest cemeteries in Manitoba is calling on members of the McKenzie family to help restore a historical gravesite. Shirle McGimpsey from Dauphin Branch alerted MGS about this news item – her fourth great grandparents are buried in the plot.

Recent Branch Activities

  • Dauphin Heritage Day Fair
    The Dauphin Branch had a display at the Heritage Fair on Saturday/Sunday, February  16/17, 2018.
  • The Annual General Meeting of the Dauphin Branch of M.G.S. was held on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at the Family History Center at 7:00 pm. Committee reports were given, election of officers occurred and activities for the upcoming year were discussed.
  • The Dauphin Branch has donated a bench to the Riverside Cemetery in Dauphin (see photo below). It provides a place where people can sit and enjoy the peace of our cemetery and reminisce about their loved ones buried there. Many people have been seen sitting there, reading or just looking around. The donation was reported in the Dauphin Herald and people have contacted the Dauphin Branch about how they could donate a bench for another cemetery.