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Thank you! Committee Chairs Appointed

Ten Standing Committee Chairs were appointed by the Executive at the June 19 meeting. Two more members have expressed interest since the Executive Meeting and will be appointed at the September Meeting. Thank you to all members who have agreed to serve for another year and welcome to our new Computer chair Aleta Foreman.

Administration Department
Library                              Mary Bole
Membership Services  Kenda Wood
Research                           Jim Rutherford
Special Projects             Kathy Stokes
Office Coordination      Vacant
Communications Department
Education & Outreach Bill Curtis
Generations Journal    David Farmer
Publicity                            Daryl Dumanski
Social Media                    Janice Butcher
Finance Department
Fundraising                      Vacant
Grants & Applications  Vacant
Information Technology Department
Computer & Network Operation  Aleta Foreman
MANI Management & Operation  Gord McBean

Report on MGS Annual General Meeting – June 2

A very successful AGM was held on Saturday, June 2 with about 30 people in attendance.

2018-19 MGS Executive

President                             Jayne Paradis
Past President                   Jim Oke
VP Administration            Vacant
VP Communications       Janice Butcher (appointed at Executive meeting)
VP Finance                          Jim McKerchar
VP Inform. Technology   Gayle Mager
2 Members-at-Large        Mona Phillip, 1 vacant
Treasurer                              Vacant
Secretary                              Rick Walker
Note that three Executive positions are still vacant. We need to fill these positions ASAP. If you are interested or know of someone else who is interested, please contact the Nominations Chair at

MGS Volunteer Service Award Winners

Joan Whiston Award           Stephanie Wood
Florence Cox Award            Kathleen Kristjanson
Kenda Wood
Bonnie Batchelor
Eric Jonasson Award          Enid Dorward

Congratulations to all recipients. For a description of the Awards see website