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University of Manitoba Archives – Vimy Ridge Exhibit

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the battle for Vimy Ridge, UM Archives will host “Voices From Vimy: Manitobans on the Ridge” from April 11 – June 30. The display features letters, postcards and other records of Manitobans who fought on the Ridge.
The exhibit opens at 7:00 pm on April 11 with guest presentations by Tyyne Petrowski and Andrea Martin.  UM Archives is located on the 3rd Floor of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library. 

Eastern European Genealogical Society Presentation

“Identifying WW1 Uniforms from Old Photographs” by Dave M. Olinyk.
Wednesday, April 19, 7:00 pm. Thomson Funeral Home, 669 Broadway Ave., Winnipeg.

You’ve just opened a box full of your grandparents’ old photographs and some of them are of soldiers wearing odd uniforms. Who are they? Dave started his exploration of WW1 uniforms after opening his Baba’s box of old photos. Recently several EEGS members have asked for his help identifying soldier’s uniforms in their old photos. Dave will share his knowledge in identifying uniforms for most World War 1 combatants. For more information check out website at

**NEW – MGS Gift Certificates

MGS has launched a new initiative – gift certificates that can be used for MGS memberships, branch memberships and/or research services. What a great gift to give the genealogist in your family or a friend. Starting April 1 you can purchase a gift certificate in person at the MGS Library or by mail (send MGS a cheque for the desired amount at Unit E, 1045 St. James St., Winnipeg MB, R3H1B1 and the certificate will be mailed to you). We are working towards purchases by Paypal or bank e-transfers in the future.

Free MGS Library Books

The following books are available free of charge from the MGS Library.

                                   TITLE      AUTHOR DATE
Key to the Parochial Registers of Scotland v. Ben Bloxham 1979
The Book of Irish Families Great and Small O’Laughlin 1992
Genealogy to Go! (War of 1812) Elizabeth Lapointe 2011
Raising the Standard (History of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba (1886-1986) William A. Neville 1986
Handbook for Genealogists Elizabeth Briggs 1990
Meyer’s Directory of Genealogical Societies in the USA and Canada Mary K. Meyer 1996
The Library of Congress: A Guide to Genealogical & Historical Research James C. Neagles n.d.
Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard Dorothy Arthur 2008
Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names (3rd ed.) E.G. Withycombe 1977
London A – Z street atlas and index   n.d.
The Family Tree Detective Colin D. Rogers 1985
Finding Your Ancestors in English Quebec Althea Douglas 2001
In Search of your European Roots Angus Baxter 1985
Early Marriage Records of New Brunswick B. Wood-Holt 1986
The Local Historian’s Encyclopedia (2nd ed.) John Richardson 1986
Mini Dictionary for Research in Foreign Genealogical Records, vol. 1 (Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway & Sweden) n.d.
Your Family Tree   2010
New Cousins: How to Trace Living Descendants of your Ancestors Karen Bali 2009
Orkney Guide Book (3rd ed.) Charles Tait n.d.
Miscellaneous research outlines (Wales, USA, New York, Scotland, Sweden, Polish, Ireland, Latin America, Norway, Iceland, Germany, French, Danish, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., Saskatchewan, Quebec, Australia, New Zealand)   Various dates


New Resource – Red River

This excellent website is devoted to descendants of early explorers, fur traders and settlers who first inhabited the great Northwest Territory or Rupert’s Land, and more particularly the region of the Red River of the North. Your host, Gary Still, was born in 1939 in Selkirk, MB, and raised in the adjoining community known as Mapleton or Old England.

“My hobby of genealogy began with me tracing my own ancestors, but soon grew to include many of my friends and neighbours. Over the period of almost half a century I gradually amassed a large database of information about the ancestry of virtually everyone I knew”.

The website has an Ancestor Index with a link (red underlined) to Family Pages featuring individual families (or topics) with links to other related families or topics wherever possible.

MGS Library News

St. David is the patron saint of Wales, and people of Welsh ancestry celebrate their ancestral country and culture on his day, March 1st.  The MGS Library has a number of books relating to Welsh ancestry and the Welsh in Canada:

  • “In Search of the Red Dragon: the Welsh in Canada” by Carol Bennett (1985).
  • “Strangers from a Secret Land : the Voyages of the Brig Albion and the Founding of the First Welsh Settlements in Canada” by Peter Thomas (1986).

For some interesting reading on the early years of Icelandic settlement in Manitoba, look at the following books from the MGS Library:

  • “Nyja Island: Saga of the journey to New Iceland” by Gudjon Arngrimsson (2000).
  • “The new Icelanders: a North American community” edited by David Arnason & Vincent Arnason (1994).