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Winnipeg Public Library’s Local History and Genealogy Resources Information Guide

The Winnipeg Public Library has just launched a great new online Resources Information Guide for genealogy and local history. It is an excellent source for both beginning and experienced genealogists. Tell all your friends about it. It contains:

  • Lists of genealogical databases and organizations that can help in your family research, along with recommended guides explaining various aspects of genealogical research.
  • Lists of recommended books on Manitoba local history and genealogical topics.
  • Information about the Millennium Library’s Local History Room and its collection.

Link –

New Resource – Faces of World War I

David Archer has created a group Facebook page called “Operation Picture Me” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I. He is sharing a year-long research project using the Winnipeg Tribune Archives, highlighting the contribution of over 5,000 Winnipeggers/ Manitobans who went to war, including almost 1000 who failed to return home. A major portion of the clippings is about the men, women and sometimes the children of Winnipeg who helped in the war effort. He praises the dedication of the Tribune staff who chronicled the personal stories of Winnipeg at War.

Over 5000 clippings have been uploaded to Facebook, under the group name “Operation Picture Me”. The clippings have been put in albums corresponding to the month and year of publication (except 1914). To help find a family member, an index has been created. To access the group, click on the link You must first request to join the group. You will be sent an email when you have been added and then you can view the site.

Book Launch: Gordon Goldsborough “Abandoned Manitoba”

Tuesday, October 25, 7:00 pm. McNally Robinson Booksellers.

Launch of “Abandoned Manitoba: From Residential Schools to Bank Vaults to Grain Elevators”.—-Book-Launch#.WAktHTKZPjB

Travel with Gordon Goldsborough from Rapid City School to Mallard Lodge to Union Stockyards and many places in between. This book looks at abandoned historical sites around Manitoba, describing their features, what caused them to be abandoned, and what they tell us about the history of the province. Gordon also publishes “Historic Sites of Manitoba” on the Manitoba Historical Society (MHS) website, which presents descriptions and GPS locations for over 950 Manitoba cemeteries. E.g. Each entry has a link to the MGS cemetery transcripts page

MGS Member, Oriole Veldhuis, Literary Prize Finalist 

Oriole Veldhuis, author of the book “For Elise: Unveiling the Forgotten Woman on the Criddle Homestead”, was selected as a finalist for the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Awards, recognizing excellence in Canadian independent publishing. The awards were presented at the 15th Annual Whistler Writers Festival on October 16. A synopsis of the book can be found at


New Metis Research Resource

Digital Archive Database Project (DAPD)

Contains over 100,000 transcribed historical documents related to Metis research. View thousands of Métis historical documents, genealogical information, Hudson’s Bay Company records, Church missionary records, and personal Métis accounts. The database is currently offering 109262 records for public and institutional browsing. More information at